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Our road construction team specialises in the design of civil engineering buildings of all categories, ancillary buildings, and transport solutions within industrial, commercial, and residential zones.


The combination of our expertise and advanced technology results in numerous projects. Our experts have a wealth of experience in developing reconstruction projects for numerous existing roads in the challenging coditions of densely populated areas, and have created many solutions for complex road junctions under the county and state jurisdiction. 


Aiming for a greater security of the existing road network and for constant improvements, we have participated in the preparation of numerous transport network surveys for the purpose of optimising the horizontal and vertical signalisation systems of entire municipalities or city zones


We are committed to developing quality and safe solutions, with an optimum ratio of implementation costs to the safety provided by the project.


We develop our designs and prepare the supporting project documentation using state-of-the-art software including AutoCAD Map, Civil 3D, and StudioARS Plateia.




Below is an overview of our major projects.

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