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The architectural team of VIA FACTUM d.o.o. brings together a new generation of architects and engineers who combine their architectural knowledge, location studies and research, innovation and the testing of new construction materials and  methods in order to develop modern, high-quality construction projects.


We are committed to the development of architectural solutions  throughout the complex process from the concept studies through the preparation of the comprehensive project documentation up to the detailed design.

Our guiding principle is to approach each project on an individual basis. Our projects are distinguished by the recognition of the client's wishes, the functional utilisation of natural features and an unconventional design characterised by a dynamic and complex structure, as well as the careful selection of a building's location with regard to the environment. 


Our architecture and design office provides architectural, engineering, and technical consulting services.

Projects are implemented on different levels, starting from the initial architectural concept study, through the main design for the purpose of obtaining a planning permission up until the final detailed design.

Before proceeding with the design activities, we inform the investor of the schedule (stages) of project implementation, as well as of the documentation necessary to obtain the permits required for the final implementation.

However, our work does not end once the project is delivered. We also perform the supervision of construction activities and communicate with the investors and contractors at the construction site.

At the investor's request, we also provide interior design and project visualisation services in order to advise the investor on the final appearance of the building and its environment.

Below is an overview of our major projects.

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